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Virginie Carpentier’s approach to jewelry draws its inspiration from poetry, contemporary art and objects that evoke, among other things, childhood memories in Virginie. Virginie takes everyday life and turns it into poetry to create delicate and fine jewelry with that special touch of “spirit” all her own.

« I like to have fun twisting and changing things, having them bounce and frolic around in my mind, returning to me in a different light. »


The iconic Champ line was born out of the playful transformation of an object ingrained in French culture, the muselet, the wire cap covering a bottle of champagne.

« The idea came very naturally to me. When I was a child, there was always champagne at family lunches, and I used to have fun gathering up all the wire caps to make chairs and tables for Lilliputians or I’d slid the wire cap onto my index finger to make a ring for myself ».